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Every Thursday – 18:00


The ENG4GED seminar series brings together academic staff, industrial experts and students. 

B4DS is hosting a series of free online seminars featuring the renowned academic and industrial speakers. They will provide their personal insight on strategies, approaches and applications of novel practices that bridges Data Science and Engineering within the fields of Green, Education and Defence. Each seminar presentation will be held once a week on Thursday at 18:00. Each seminar will be followed by a live Q&A session.

What is ENG4GED


B4DS works on cutting-edge applications of Data Science in the context of Engineering. Such data-driven approaches are revolutionizing the design and development of products and services in every business, empowering engineering methods.
Get involved in ENG4GED to find out data-driven approaches in theory and practice.

Nowadays, the radical transformation of society is highlighting the need to focus on green strategies to ensure a sustainable future. For this reason, businesses are focusing more and more on deploying and investing on technologies that foster green and digital transitions.
Get involved in ENG4GED to be prepared for the challenges of designing digital technologies as a key enabler for environmental sustainability.

The digital era is changing the way students learn and grow, and so the business models of the educational institutes, distrusting the status-quo in teaching and learning. This process has been speeded up by the COVID-19 crisis, which has pushed schools, universities and learning centres through a faster digitalisation of their services.
Get involved in ENG4GED to discover how digital technologies will shape teaching and learning in the near future, and how we can take advantage of technological evolution.

One of the key capabilities of the defence sector is to develop radical innovations that impact on everyday life, such as the Internet. In the context of the digital transformation, there is the need to understand the evolution of dual-use technologies leveraging on synergies between defence and civil sectors.
Get involved in ENG4GED to understand the opportunities that arise from the synergies between the two areas with the development of emerging and disruptive technologies.

Upcoming seminars

Past seminars

Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2021: Assessment and feedback: new approaches in technology-enhanced environments. http://b4ds.unipi.it/project/prova-3/

Mercoledì 22 Dicembre 2021: Natural Language Processing for technological novelty detection. http://b4ds.unipi.it/project/prova-2/

Giovedì 16 Dicembre 2021: Digital Interactive Storytelling (in Mathematics) for fostering students’ development of problem-solving competency. http://b4ds.unipi.it/project/nlp-for-business/

Giovedì 9 Dicembre 2021: The impact of research: what do we research for?  http://b4ds.unipi.it/project/prova-1/