The R&D Management Conference and Doctoral Colloquium is an international gathering of academics and practitioners concerned with the study of research and development, technology management, and innovation. The conference provides a valuable means of communication and exchange of ideas among academics and managers. For furhter infomration please read the attached flyer (R&D 2022 flyer).

Filippo Chiarello, Terence Hogarth and Vito Giordano, powered by B4DS team, organize a special track on “Digital transformation of work and organisational design: dealing with changes of skills and profiles“.

In a ever evolving and complex digital world there is the need to re-think organisational design, to make it more data-driven and agile. Fortunately, digitalisation is also bringing new methodological tools. Artificial Intelligence and more in general Data Science can help companies and academia in understanding the complex and ever-evolving environment of work. Anyway, given the novelty of these technologies, it is still hard to identify best practices and to have a clear collection of techniques that can be adopted by companies and policy makers. This track is a call for academics and practitioners to disclose new approaches to organisational design, in a world of digital work.

We thus invite contributions on the following topics:

  1. The relation between digital technologies and skills
  2. Organizational design for digital companies
  3. Data informed organizational design
  4. Forecast and foresight for the evolution of skills and profiles
  5. New Skills and jobs for the new organizational context
  6. Education 4.0, adapting skills for the digital companies
  7. New educational approaches to improve organizational design
  8. Data Driven up-skilling and re-skilling
  9. Ethical and Morality Issues of the use of AI for Organization Design
  10. From Data to Design Actions

We also call for papers presenting new open datasets/methods and for Industrial and real-world case studies.